As part on the service, we provide Nappies for all ages,
Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea as well as Milk and
Water throughout the day.

We also provide hats for the children that are labelled with their name
as well as sunscreen that is applied throughout the day.

The comfort and security of your child is a responsibility we both share. We ask
you to assist by providing the following items each day they attend for your child.

  • A set of sheets for rest time (Flat and fitted sheet, pillows are ok too)
  • At LEAST two complete changes of clothes which should be appropriate for the weather conditions (e.g 2 x pants, 2 x shirts etc)
  • At LEAST three pairs of underpants (in case of an accidents)
  • A water bottle that is Clearly named
  • A wet bag to put any wet clothing in – (we do sell these for $5 if you do not supply (we do not use plastic bags for the safety of children in our service

Additional for 6 weeks to 2.5 years:

  • Appropriate number of prepared bottles – We do accept breast milk, the Caregiver for your child will have a
    form for you to fill out.
  • Training pants if being toilet trained, or a night time nappies for rest period.
    Please ensure that your child’s belongings are named clearly and placed in a bag which can be fastened.
    Staff cannot be held responsible for misplaced clothing or un-named belongings. If any belongings are missing please check the lost and found box.
    Please note: No creams or medication are to be left in the Children’s bags at any time. All medications will be stored separately and will be administered by our onsite Nurse.