Over the month of August the children have been interested in being Ninjas!!!! It all started with the question of “Brookie can you make a Ninja star?”

Now to be fair; when it comes to Ninjas, the children will often seek me out to ask questions and if you’re wondering why, it’s because I happen to be a Martial Artist. Specifically, a First-Degree Black Belt in Karate.

The morning went by with me making Ninja stars out of paper and showing the children ways to throw them. This started a conversation about who Ninjas are and what they do, which then led to us making our very own Ninja Course!

This course focused on balancing (walking over planks), fine and gross motor skills and hand eye coordination all the while throwing the Ninja stars at targets made by the children.

It was a fantastic and exciting experience which the children then proceeded to repeat again and again for the next few days until one of the partners suggested I give a Karate demonstration to the children which then turned into a Karate class.

We practiced our punches and kicks, both to the air and to a punching bag (and we even convinced two other educators to join in which the children absolutely loved). I also taught and performed Kata (choreographed routines against imagined attackers).

It was an incredible experience to be able to share a part of my own culture with the children. We talked about the meaning behind Karate, why I wore my gi, what it means, and I even explained my necklace to them. I wear an Ishoa cross, which is awarded to you when you have shown and displayed a certain mentality and attitude in both your training and your life outside of training.

This experience that I shared with the children incorporated so many different skills and concepts. It focused on physical skills that children work on every day; balance, fine and gross motor skills, hand eye co ordinations and it also focused on mental skills; listening, respecting others, taking turns, thinking and asking questions and teaching them about other cultures and beliefs that are different to their own.