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Plainland Kindergarten & Child Care

Where we let children, be children! 

Fee Schedule

The Child Care Subsidy has impacted on some families’ budget and how their child can access child care. We have taken this into consideration and developed 6, 10 & 12-hour sessions.

Additionally, we have remained committed in keeping our fees at a very competitive- low price and unlike other services, we did not increase our fees by a substantial amount. We are proud to say that our fees are still the most economical in the area.

If your fees increased in a dramatic way or your Child Care Subsidy assessment lacked the hours that your family requires, it might be worth giving us a call and arrange an obligation free quote. 

Your child’s education should not come at a hefty price or be jeopardised due to budget. We are here to help so give us a call or pop in anytime.

To find out more about the Government's Child Care Benefit & Rebate or to see if you are eligible head to